Finding Blessings in Life’s Storms

Photo by Ava from Pexels

“Sometimes you have to experience the bad, so that you can learn how to appreciate the good things that enter your life.”

– Leon Brown

One day, I called one of my best friends and expressed my frustrations with how my life was going at the moment. I was so defeated and extremely exhausted from life’s storms constantly raining on my parade.

My best friend simply told me, “Everything in life happens for a reason. We go through things that shape us into who we are. Those lessons in life are placed there to help us become the best version of ourselves. Those “bad” moments will help you grow!

After our conversation, I decided to take a look at those “bad” moments and find small goods in every situation.

I had to sit down and figure out what was this “storm” trying to teach me? What was the lesson(s) and how can I make myself better?

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

I went through a “financial storm.” Let’s just say I had a lot of money, and I didn’t know what to do with it. Due to my lack of financial literacy, I had to experience what it felt like trying to survive with less than $10 in my pockets. This “storm” of poor money management taught me that having a savings account, learning how to budget and living below my means was imperative!

I went through a painful “relationship storm” that almost knocked me off my feet. This “storm” of heartbreak taught me that I needed to love myself more than anyone else. I needed to place myself on a pedestal and mend my relationship with me.

The “friendship storm” blindsided me. Walking away from a long-time friendship is never easy but this “storm” taught me that some people are seasonal. Not everyone is meant to be on your life’s journey for a long time.

The “family storm” came in with a vengeance. This “storm” taught me that sometimes your own family doesn’t have the best intentions for you.

The “grief storm” pops up in our lives randomly. We never know the time or the day when we’ll experience loss in our lives. This “storm” taught me to love on my loved ones while they’re here and never take a second of life for granted.

We can’t appreciate good days without learning lessons from the bad moments. We would not be able to grow without those healing moments. Although life’s “storms” may not have felt good in the moment, they’ve truly opened my eyes and allowed me to heal parts of myself that needed healing.

We may never understand why certain situations in life happens, but in order to enjoy and appreciate the sunshine you have to go through a little rain. You have to find blessings in every lesson.

Love always,

Believe you can and you’re halfway there. — Theodore Roosevelt”


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