An Open Letter to the Girls Who Feel Broken and Defeated…

“Sometimes the girl who has been there for everyone else needs someone to be there for her too….”

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava from Pexels

To the girl who hasn’t been feeling like herself lately. I hope you find your spark again. I pray you find what brings you joy again. I pray that when you bounce back you will be a stronger and better version of your former self.

To the girl who allows fear to dictate her life. I can relate to this one the most. In life you will fail and that’s okay. It is so scary not knowing the outcome of most situations in life but start taking chances. Whatever that “thing” is you are afraid of in life conquer it. Don’t allow that little word fear to cause such a major problem in your life. You got this sis!

To the girl who has lost all hope in life. Life is tough but so are you! One day when you’ve found your strength again, you’ll look back at the dark times and smile because you made it through.

To the girl who is doubting herself. Take the leap of faith. Take chances in life! You never know what the outcome will be if you don’t believe in yourself. Walk with confidence and know that whatever it is you are hoping for is already yours! You can achieve anything in life if only you believe.

To the girl who feels like she is always a second option. If someone isn’t treating, you like a priority then they don’t deserve to stick around to witness your greatness. Continue to be the amazing person that you are and don’t allow anyone to treat you less than your worth. You are the prize and should always be treated as a priority.

To the girl who has given up on love. Some amazing person is going to walk into your life soon and treat you like the queen you are. Don’t lose hope because “your person” could be coming sooner than you think. Be open and willing to receiving that love!

To the girl who is battling suicidal thoughts. You are loved. You are amazing. You are worthy. You were created for a reason! Everyone deserves to be happy and that includes YOU! Someone needs you to be here. Someone cares. Someone needs you to keep fighting. You are not living this life alone!

To the girl who doesn’t feel pretty enough. You were created in God’s image and for that reason you are beautiful enough.


To the girl who is sick of trying. Please don’t give up! Keep going until the goal you have set for yourself has been accomplished. Everyone has to start somewhere. Dry your tears and continue to push yourself. I promise your hard work will pay off one day.

To the girl who doesn’t love herself. Loving yourself is one of the best things you can do. Fall in love with the person that God created you to be. You have to believe you are beautiful because you are! Everyone else can see it, it’s time for you to see it yourself!

To the girl who is broken. Remember to get back up again. You may feel broken, but you are not defeated. Fight for yourself! Don’t allow yourself to become consumed with the pain. Life will get better for you. I’m praying for happier days!

To the girl who feels alone. We all feel lost sometimes but remember you are not alone! Someone out there is waiting on you to reach out so they can be there for you. Someone is out there who will understand and listen to you. You just have to give them a chance.

To the girl who is trying to fit in. Remember to always be yourself no matter what. Your real friends will love you for who you are. You will not have to prove yourself to fit in. They will already be attracted to the light that shines from within you.

To the girl who lacks confidence. Hold your head up and recognize you are beautiful and amazing despite what anyone says. You are perfect the way you are. Forget about the judgmental people in this world. You know who you are! Continue to let your light shine through by being yourself.

To the girl who’s reading this blog: I dedicate this one to you 🙂

I see you. I am you. I got you.


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