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  • 8 Simple and Fun At Home Date Night Ideas

    16 Sep 2019 by

    Date nights are always fun! Getting the opportunity to dress up and spend much needed quality time with your spouse sounds like a lot of fun. The good thing about dates is that they don’t always have to be done outside of the home. There are plenty of things that you can do inside the… Read more

  • How To DIY Pedicure At Home For Soft Feet

    11 Sep 2019 by

    Going to the nail salon for a pedicure can sometimes be on the expensive side. One day I realized that I could save money if I did my own pedicures at home. That I can take care of my feet without breaking the bank. Most of the products that I use are inexpensive and can… Read more

  • 20 Affordable and Best Body Scrubs

    9 Sep 2019 by

    My favorite part about the day is coming home and doing my skin care regimen. Who doesn’t want to have healthy, clean and clear skin? Are you looking for affordable products to add to your skin care routine? Check out the list of products I’ve found below that are great for your skin and easy… Read more

  • My Book: Nothing Stays A Secret Forever

    3 Sep 2019 by

    If you love urban books then check out mine!! I am so excited to announce that I’ve finally finished my story “Nothing Stays A Secret Forever.” I would love it if you head over to Wattpad and read my story! What are you waiting for start reading today. SUMMARY: Everything that’s done in the dark… Read more

  • 12 Best and Affordable Charcoal Beauty Products

    2 Sep 2019 by

    Charcoal products are definitely a top contender in the beauty world. Based on the great benefits such as teeth whitening, reducing acne, rids your body of toxins and so much more. Check out the list below that I have created filled with different charcoal products that you should give a try. The products have great… Read more

  • 7 Tips On Surviving College

    19 Aug 2019 by

    The school year is beginning and this is the perfect time to give tips on how to survive college. College is a melting point of so many things it can be fun one moment and then stressful the next. You never know what each day will bring. During this experience make the most of it… Read more

  • Essentials For A Dorm Room

    5 Aug 2019 by

    It’s August which means school is right around the corner. The late summer nights are ending and the early mornings are creeping upon us. From the elementary schools up to college. School is about to be in session. It’s almost time to be back in the books. For this blog, below I listed some essential… Read more

  • 10 Quotes For The Independent Woman

    22 Jul 2019 by

    An independent woman according to the Urban Dictionary is: “A woman who pays her own bills, buys her own things, and does not allow a man to affect her stability or self-confidence. She supports herself entirely on her own and is proud to be able to do so.” In the words of Lil Webbie “She… Read more

  • 20 Beautiful African American Wall Art

    15 Jul 2019 by

    What makes a home even more beautiful is the decor that you strategically put in place. Tons of colors, art work, posters, decorations and so much more brings life to the place we call our own. Are you looking for beautiful art work to jazz up your home decor? Check out the list I’ve created… Read more

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