How To Survive Valentine’s Day For Singles

Couples shouldn’t be the only ones having fun on Valentine’s Day. 1. Girl’s Night In 2. Stay off of social media 3. Be your own Valentine’s Date 4. Don’t be tempted to text an ex 5. Distract yourself with your favorite hobbies 6. Gift exchange with friends and family 7. Spa Day 8. Call it […]

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5 Signs That You Need To Breakup

1. He/She can’t be trusted. Trust is an important factor in any relationship you have with another person. If you do not trust a person you will constantly be on edge and you’ll never be completely comfortable within the relationship. Just like the saying goes “without trust there is no US.” Don’t allow yourself to […]

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7 Valentine’s Day Pet Peeves

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. Why? I’m seriously a hopeless romantic. I love seeing the cute couples, the gift exchanges and happy smiles on everyone’s faces. Any day that allows you to show love towards that special someone rather it’s your spouse, friends, children or family it always puts a smile on […]

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