#DearEx, I Am More Than What The Eyes Can See

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

You don’t really know me. You never took the time to know me. You never took the time to understand me. All you wanted to do was admire my flowers. The beautiful parts of me. You never took the time to dig deeper. To see my roots. To show you the best parts of me that goes beyond the surface. You just fell in love with the beauty of me. You fell in love with what you could see. My flowers.

Flowers are beautiful and delicate. We love to admire their beauty but some flowers if you dig deeper than the surface. Connect with their roots you will see they have a story to tell. There are flowers that still need to grow and are not ready to be picked yet. Flowers that still need to heal. Flowers that need to be nourish. Flowers that are wilting and needs to be revive. There is more to a flower than what the eyes can see.

What will a beautiful flower be without its roots?

Once my petals started falling one by one. You slowly drifted away. You didn’t stay around to see my petals grow again. You didn’t try to understand that I’m more than my flowers. My roots are what actually defines me. They give my flowers, the beautiful parts of me that you enjoyed so much, life. My roots are the foundation of who I am.

From this day forward, a person can not and will not fall in love with only half of me. My flowers. Without connecting with the beautiful parts of me first which are my roots. From this day forward a person will and must love all of me because I am a flower who has more to offer than what the eyes can see. I’m a flower who will allow herself to grow, heal, blossom and be nourished. A delicate flower who deserves the best. A beautiful flower who will be appreciated for every single thing she has to offer. Roots included.

Stay Beautiful My Queen,

– Poem inspired by this drawing –

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