Why Is Dating In This Generation So Complicated !?

Photo by Keira Burton from Pexels

“We live in a generation of, not being in love, and not being together…” This one line from Drake’s song “Doing It Wrong” instantly pops in my mind when I think of dating in today’s generation.

In my opinion, I must say dating has become complicated and sometimes tiresome. We want the “perks” of what a relationship can bring without putting in the work.

I’m currently living in a generation where:

  • You’re praised for having multiple partners or “hoes.”
  • Where being emotionally unavailable is cool and if you show public appreciation towards your partner you are instantly called a “Simp.” (Ex: Russell Wilson)
  • A generation where you are told having a bond is way better than having a title.
  • Where we hear statements such as “I’m not ready for a relationship right now but we can still go on dates, have sex, and do everything people in relationships do but remember we aren’t together.”
  • “Situationships” also known as “Friends with Benefits” are thriving more than real relationships.
  • A generation who is afraid to use titles and labels.
  • Where everything from music, television shows, movies etc. are being over-sexualized.
  • “Toxic” relationships are being glorified and “healthy” relationships are called boring.
  • A place where it’s all about body counts and temporary feelings.
  • Where everything is rushed and dating for pleasure is more acceptable than dating with a purpose.

The hopeless romantic in me would honestly like to know what happened!? Why don’t we date anymore!?

  • What happened to building and developing a special bond with that “special person?”
  • What happened to stimulating conversations? Not blowing my phone up with “Wyd?” text every five minutes.
  • What happened to connecting with someone mentally, spiritually, and emotionally before hopping into their bed?
  • WHAT HAPPENED TO REAL DATES!? and yes, “Netflix and Chill” is not a date!!

As a whole I wish we would start dating with a purpose again. Becoming more intentional about finding the right partner. Spending less time in the bedroom and more time connecting with a person on other levels.

More time building genuine friendships with each other. Creating our own relationship goals. Being intentional about healing before getting into relationships. Being honest about our wants and desires.

We have to stop running away from love. We have to stop playing games when it comes to the matters of the heart.

Let’s not be the generation who has completely given up on love!! ❤


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