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#SELFLOVE2019: Learning to Love & Forgive!!

It's the year 2019!! We made it!! It's a new year which means a brand new start. I'm calling this year #SelfLove2019! This year I want everyone to fall madly in love with themselves the good and bad qualities. Let's start taking better care of ourselves this year. Join me on this Self Love Journey!!… Continue reading #SELFLOVE2019: Learning to Love & Forgive!!

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#StoryTime: A woman’s intuition

Welcome to my story 🙂 Before you guys get started here are a few things that you need to know: 1) Yes, I may have some grammar issues. It's okay! Lol This story is not meant to be "perfect." 2) This book does contain inappropriate words, scenes and phrases. So, you have been warned in… Continue reading #StoryTime: A woman’s intuition