10 Pet Peeves That Drive Me Crazy

Hello everyone. Here are 10 Pet Peeves (I have so much more lol) that will drive me crazy!! Comment down below any pet peeves that you may have. I look forward to reading them. 🙂


1. I know that this first pet peeve is on everyone’s list: LIARS!! I can’t stand a compulsive liar.

2. When someone is talking during a movie. Especially when we both are watching the movie for the first time.

3. Loud chewing !!

4. Being ignored. My biggest pet peeve of them all!

5. When someone stares at you for a long period of time.

6. When someone touches my food without asking.

7. When you’re in line and someone stands so close that they’re breathing down your neck.

8. When a person makes every conversation or every situation about themselves.

9. When you allow someone to borrow your belongings and they take forever to return it.

10. When I do an act of kindness (for example holding the door) and the person doesn’t respond with a thank you.

Make sure to comment down below your biggest pet peeves. See you in the next blog! – Missy

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