How I Broke My Soul Tie Of Three Years

I never knew what a soul tie was until I overheard a conversation between two girls. & no I wasn’t being nosey they were just talking extremely loud lol. But, anyways I decided to google what a “soul tie” was:

“It’s a connection and bond to a person that is not easily broken.”

Back in my college days I was in a relationship that lasted for a while. This was my first serious relationship.

Once the relationship ended I was completely devastated at how it ended.

I was heartbroken and attached to this individual for three long years after the breakup. I couldn’t shake him and was so confused about why I couldn’t let go.

He was my first thought in the morning and the last one at night. Any and everything reminded me of him no matter how hard I tried to keep him out of my mind. It became so bad that I couldn’t listen to any love songs, I stayed off social media, and I definitely didn’t want anything to do with men for a while. This relationship truly affected me mentally, physically and emotionally.

I’m going to share what I did to finally break my “ties” to the relationship:

I started off by removing him from all of my social media and got rid of anything that reminded me of him. I prayed like never before. I prayed that my broken heart would heal, release and remove myself from this toxic situation everyday.

I wrote a letter addressed to him because closure was never going to happen. So, in the letter I released all the emotions and questions I was holding onto. Once the letter was completed I read it and ripped it up. It literally felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulder.

Also, I spoke to a close friend. During this time I was extremely thankful to have a friend who would listen to me for hours a day. I literally talked about the situation everyday. Speaking with her and listening to the advice she gave made me feel better.

Lastly, I learned forgiveness. I had to forgive myself most importantly him. This was the HARDEST part of the process. Why should I forgive him? Was what I always asked myself. But, eventually I realized in order to move on forgiveness was an important part of the healing process.

The recovery process was extremely long filled with tears, anger, regret and sadness but when I found my break through. When I was FINALLY done with the situation I couldn’t help but to cry.

This time they were tears of JOY, HAPPINESS and most importantly PEACE. The soul tie was officially broken and I was FREE.

See you in the next blog,


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