My Weight Loss Journey: What Has Helped Me To Lose Weight


I didn’t noticed that I’ve gained so much weight until I looked in the mirror one day. Like, reallyyyy took a look in the mirror and examined myself. People use to tell me “you’ve gained weight” but I never knew it was that bad. I honestly wasn’t happy with the image staring back at me. Throughout my entire college journey from freshman to junior year I’ve gained 65 Lbs. Constantly eating out and making poor decisions when it came to what went into my body. I knew after that day in the mirror that something had to change. So, I started making better decisions. The eating out weren’t as frequent, water became my BEST FRIEND, and exercising came back into my routine. I was determined to take better care of my body and health.

To this day I only drink 1-3 sodas a year. Did I mention Water has really become my best friend!! I went from a person who rarely drink water to now not knowing how I use to live without it. I exercise more frequently now. Whether it’s walking for thirty minutes or doing Youtube videos at home. I have cut back on the amount of fast food I consume. This is definitely great for my pockets as well! There are tons of habits that I have broke during this journey.

This weight loss journey was not easy. There were days when I would quit and give up. But, with the help of some friends and my commitment to bettering my health I always got back on track. This journey didn’t only affect me physically but mentally as well. Weight loss is more of a mental thing than physical. You have to put into your mind that “I Can Do THIS!” No matter how hard this journey will be “I can do this.” The first step of weight loss is knowing that you can do it!

Today I have lost a total of 20 lbs and counting. I could have lost more but this journey has been a roller coaster and there were days when I gave up. But, now I am back on it!!

Below are some apps, foods, detoxes and more that I have used throughout the years to lose weight. Each has helped me lose weight whether it was 1 or 10 lbs. I hope that they will help someone out there.

*Just remember some things that worked for me may not show the same results for you.*

Gallon of water a day challenge:


For a month I drank a gallon of water a day. I didn’t exercise and my eating habits were still the same. At the beginning the challenge was very difficult because I was not a water drinker. Because of this challenge my go to drink is water and my skin is loving it!


My skin was looking better, more energy, less headaches and I lost 10 pounds.


Constantly going to the bathroom (mostly at the beginning) and bloating.



I exercised four days a week. Sometimes I would go the gym located on my college campus or walk for thirty minutes. I also stayed home and did Youtube Videos for an hour. The video that I saw the most results with was Tiffany Rothe Workout called “10 min Booty Shaking Waist Workout.” I also wore my waist trainer daily and while exercising.  I checked my measurements with measuring tape and weighed myself once a week.

Detoxes and Smoothies:


At the beginning of the journey I drunk the detox waters once a day. I noticed that I lost 1 pound each week. I then took a month off from drinking the detox waters and switched to trying a shot of ACV once a week, twice a day (in the morning and before bed). I noticed once my eating habits changed I started losing weight faster with the help of the detox. Smoothies were also good to drink. I had one during the morning for breakfast or for lunch.


  • Water, ACV, Lemon, Cayenne and Ginger Root
  • Water, Green Tea, and ACV
  • Water, Ginger Root, and Lemon


  • Banana, Spinach, Strawberry
  • Banana, Spinach, Peach
  • Banana, Spinach

Eating habits:


The hardest part of this journey was changing my eating habits. I started off slowly by cutting out sweets, soda, fast food and unhealthy snacks. I started meal prepping which helped me to save money.  For my meal prep I usually made one meat, a vegetable and brown rice. Below is some of the food that I replaced the unhealthy options with:

  • I’m not really a big fish fan so I only ate chicken (baked or BBQ). White rice was replaced with brown rice. I ate more vegetables and fruits with my meals. For salads I only used spinach leaves. White bread was replaced with honey wheat. For snacks I ate crackers, cheese, tuna, granola bars and nuts. I didn’t have any sweets which was so difficult. So, sugar free gum was my best friend. Also, instead of juice/soda I only drank water.

Weight Loss Apps:


There are two apps that were helpful for me the first is Lose it! – Calorie Counter. This app helped me to keep track of my meals. I would highly recommend this app. Another app that I am using now is Samsung Health which allows me to keep track of my steps. Also, keep up with my calories, water intake and can also measure your stress, blood pressure, glucose etc. levels.

I hope this was very helpful! Remember to -Live. Love. Encourage.-




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