“To the woman who got away…”

“Love her or someone else will…”

Damn, I thought you would never leave me. It pains me to see you with someone else. I knew the way that I was treating you wasn’t right. I always told you I would never break your heart but I did.

I lost count of the broken promises I made. All of the lies I told. The women that I told you not to worry about. I hurt you and I’m so sorry.

You were such an amazing women. When I was broken you put the pieces back in place. I lost my job and you helped me to get back on my feet. Damn, I blew it. I had a great woman. Instead of cherishing you I broke you down. I saw more tears on your face than that beautiful smile. More hurt. More pain.

I should have cherished you. Respected our relationship. Treat you like the beautiful queen you are.

My actions should have matched my words. I should have held you tight and never let go. I should have loved you. I should have told you that every day. I show have showed you. I should have fought for you.

If I knew I would have caused you so much pain.  I would have walked away the day I met you. To protect your heart from a guy like me. Someone who didn’t know what he had.

Now you are someone else’s wife. Damn.

Now I’m the one that is in pain. Watching the one I love, love someone else. When I heard the news that you were getting married it broke my heart. You were supposed to be my wife. My joy. My peace. My happiness. The mother of my children.

When you left me for good. I was hoping that you would come back. But, I know that every woman has a breaking point.

I’m sorry my beautiful queen.

I’m sorry that I hurt you. I’m sorry that I lied. I’m sorry that I cheated. I’m sorry for the tears.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t be the man that you needed. Please forgive me.

I hope that he treats you like the queen you are. You deserve it.

I’ll always love you. 


The ex that didn’t know what he had until it was gone.


*I do not own this picture.*

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