5 Signs That You Need To Breakup

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

1. He/She can’t be trusted.

Trust is an important factor in any relationship you have with another person. If you do not trust a person you will constantly be on edge and you’ll never be completely comfortable within the relationship. Just like the saying goes “without trust there is no US.” Don’t allow yourself to stay in a relationship with someone who you don’t trust because you will never be happy.

2. He/She leaves you feeling drained.

With this relationship you have way more arguments and sad days rather than happy ones. Being around this person makes you feel sad and pain. This spouse doesn’t make you feel safe or nurtured. If someone is draining you financially, emotionally, mentally etc. this is a relationship that needs to end. Relationships aren’t supposed to suck the life out of you.

3. His/Her attention is somewhere else.

You’ve noticed the phone calls, texts and visits are becoming shorter. You only hear from them when it’s convenient to them. When you are out their attention is on other things. It’s like pulling teeth when you ask this person to spend time with you. You shouldn’t have to convenience a person to spend time with you. If you have communicated to your spouse that you would like more attention and they continue to ignore your requests maybe it’s time to reevaluate the relationship.


4. He/She is controlling.

Controlling behavior is another form of abuse. You should NEVER stay with someone that wants to hurt you or dictate your life. Your partner is not another parent in your life. They should not have complete control over what you wear, the places you go or how many times you speak with family and friends. THAT IS NOT LOVE!! A person that loves you will never do anything to harm or disrespect you.

5. You can’t see a future with him/her.

What’s the point in dating someone if you can’t see yourself staying committed to him/her for the rest of your life? Stop wasting time with people who you can’t see being a part of your children live’s or your future. Also, if you both don’t share the same life goals such as marriage, wanting kids or finances it will be tough staying with this person. So, think about your future and if it doesn’t include your current spouse then it’s to walk away from the relationship.


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