Finding Blessings in Life’s Storms

“Sometimes you have to experience the bad, so that you can learn how to appreciate the good things that enter your life.” – Leon Brown One day, I called one of my best friends and expressed my frustrations with how my life was going at the moment. I was so defeated and extremely exhausted from […]

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5 Ways To Be Happy This Spring

1. Get Rid Of All Negative Energy The first key to being happy this spring is to remove yourself from any and all negative energy. You can do this by doing a deep clean of your house from top to bottom, meditation or simply removing negative people from your life. Negative energy will only hinder […]

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A Letter To My Discouraged Friends

“Comparison is the thief of joy” Theodore Roosevelt Dear Discouraged Friend, I know this feeling extremely well! You see others receiving promotions, degrees, becoming homeowners, and getting engaged but you’re having a tough time obtaining your goals. You’re thinking when will it be my time? Why do I feel so left behind? When I realized […]

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I Took A “Manfast” For A Year And This Is What I’ve Learned

Man Fast: How one woman’s dating detox turned into a spiritual reckoning across four continents self-love noun : Definition: regard for one’s own well-being and happiness  I am going to say “self love is the best love” until I’m blue in the face. Loving and learning yourself is extremely important and is more than a physical act. You […]

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