How To Create A Positivity Jar To Reduce Stress

“Think positive, Be positive <3”

– One small positive thought can change your whole day –

What is a Positivity Jar?

It’s a jar filled with quotes, memories and sayings that are supposed to put a smile on your face. Everyone needs a pick me up sometimes which is one of the reasons why I created my positivity jar back in 2018. I’ve been using this jar since then and I must say it has definitely helped me to change my mindset. Every morning I pull two notes randomly from the jar and read them out loud. I sometimes bring the notes along with me for extra encouragement through out the day.

If you are having a bad day or you need a little motivation to get through the day a positivity jar has so many great benefits. When you begin the day with positive thoughts you are bound to start off your day on the right foot. When you believe positive things will happen you’ll achieve it. It’s so easy to let the negative thoughts consume our minds but this time let’s give positivity some shine. Whenever you feel yourself thinking negative thoughts pull from out of your jar to turn your day around.

Materials you will need:


How do I create a positivity jar?

  1. Find your favorite quotes, scriptures or memories that put a smile on your face or brings out positive thoughts.
  2. Pick a sticky note and decorate it however you please. You can use different colored sticky notes or stick to just one.
  3. After writing down your quote, fold the sticky note and place it inside of your jar.
  4. You could also decorate your mason jar with ribbons, stickers, glitter and etc. to bring your jar to life.

Now you are ready to battle those negative thoughts with positivity! Remember to start your day off with speaking positivity into the atmosphere. Let’s change out mindsets and make the best out of our day.

If you create your own positivity jar make sure to drop a comment below 🙂

“A negative mind will never give you a positive life.”

– Unknown

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