I’m Always A Bridesmaid Never The Bride

Why does it seem like everyone is finding their happily ever after but me?

Photo by Becerra Govea Photo from Pexels

Everyday on social media, you see couples getting married, creating families, and buying homes. Although you are happy for them it’s a bittersweet moment for you. Seeing others being in happy relationships and you’re still struggling to find someone who is compatible with you. You’re thinking about giving up on love and worried that you may never know what it feels like to upgrade from bridesmaid to wife.

Song of Solomon 8:4 states “Do not arouse or awaken love until it so delights…”

It’s so important to enjoy yourself during this season of singleness. Don’t look at singleness as being a bad thing because it definitely has its benefits. Enjoy this season, embrace the journey and give yourself the love that you desire from someone else. This is the season as a bridesmaid where you can solely focus on yourself, create your own happiness, and become whole first before connecting with someone else.

Maybe love hasn’t come yet because you still have work to do within yourself. So, during your bridesmaid season figure out who you are and reflect on past relationship mistakes so you can avoid them in your new relationship. Get serious about what you want, need and desire from a spouse. Write down a list of Non-Negotiables that you will not tolerate in your new relationship. Unpack any unresolved negative feelings you may have towards men, love and relationships. Become madly in love with yourself, constantly improve yourself and become the best version of YOU that you can be.

Believe in divine timing and know that love will find you when it’s time.

The love that you are craving is on the way but it will only come when: 1) You are ready. 2) You aren’t obsessing over love. 3) Your happy with who you are. 4) You have done the self work.

Remember “What’s meant for you will always be for you no one can take that away.”

Your perfect person is somewhere out there waiting and preparing for you as well. Until you both find each other be content and happy in singleness. Continue to improve yourself in every aspect of your life.

Enjoy being the bridesmaid until it’s time for you to become the bride.


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