Finding The Rainbow After The Storm

Photo by Jermaine Ulinwa from Pexels

Find your rainbow after the “Storm.”

Any person who is blessed to still be walking this earth has been through many challenging times.

During the “storms of life” you have to love yourself a little more. You have to have hope and faith to keep fighting for the rainbow after the storm.

We all know by now that life will not be perfect. There will be days when the storms of life just seems extremely hard to handle. But, just like the other times you were ready to throw in the towel you kept fighting because you knew that better days were ahead and storms don’t last forever.

Life is to short holding onto the “why’s” in life.

“Why didn’t my relationship work out?,” “Why is this happening to me?” or “Why am I so far behind?” Dwelling on the negatives will only keep you in the storm longer then you should be. It keeps you from growing and evolving.

During the “storms of life” obtain the mindset that everything is going to be okay with time, patience and healing.

In the midst of your storms allow the tears to flow but don’t allow the hurt from the storm to consume your life.

The storm may not feel good right now but you will make it through! Nothing is placed on you that you won’t be able to handle. You will get through this and you will find your rainbow after the storm.

Look at you still here. Living, flourishing and growing I’m so proud of you!!


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