20 Lessons In Life That I’ve Learned The Hard Way

“…When life is good, make sure you enjoy and receive it full and when life is not good, remember that it will not last forever and better days are on the way.” – Jenni Young

Photo by Ezekixl Akinnewu from Pexels

Not every relationship and friendship will last “forever.” Some people will only be in your life for a season.

Love is such a beautiful emotion but it can also be very painful at the same time.

Nothing in life will be handed to you. You will have to work hard for everything you want.

Life is not always fair but be grateful, blessed and continue to make the best out of it.

Not everyone is going to be happy and supportive for the blessings you receive.

Photo by Orione Conceição from Pexels

You will always be your number one supporter.

Your happiness should be your number one priority. You are the most important person in your life.

First appearances are extremely important so always show up and show out.

You have to stand up for your beliefs and values or you’ll fall for anything.

Life is very unpredictable so appreciate your loved ones while they are here.


People will take advantage of you if they can so stick up for yourself.

Apologies don’t mean anything if the behavior is still the same.

The people you hold close to your heart will hurt you the most.

Trust takes a while to build but seconds to be broken.

Without God nothing is possible.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop from Pexels

Don’t ever get to comfortable in life. Your life can change within the blink of an eye.

Stop going above and beyond for jobs that will easily replace you.

Protect your heart and well being at all cost.

Self love is so damn important.

Hurt people, hurt people.


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