15 Items Every Woman Should Carry In Her Purse

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Below, I have a list of 15 items that every woman should carry inside of her purse. Also included are the links where you can buy some of my favorite products I love to carry around with me. If you would like to purchase any items just click on the picture or links. Happy shopping 🙂

1. Cell Phone Charger

You should never go out in public with a cellphone that is not charged at all times.

2. Lip Gloss

Keeping your lips soft and moisturized is important.

3. Lotion

Having crusty hands is never a good look.

4. Medicine

Working with children I always make sure to have pain relievers with me.

5. Gum or Mint

Fresh breath is a must when out and about.


6. Hand Sanitizer

Germs, Germs, Germs. That is all I have to say.

7. Mini Mirror

To make sure you are still looking flawless throughout the day.

8. Feminine Pouch

Mother nature can be very unpredictable so keep a feminine pouch with pads and wipes just in case.

9. Wallet With Cash

Never leave the house without cash, ID/License and your wallet.

10. Perfume

A woman’s best friend is good smelling perfume.


11. Hair Brush or Comb

To make sure your hair is well kept.

12. Self Defense Weapons

Make sure you are well protected at all times.

Mini alarms: Safe Sound Personal Alarm

pepper spray: Pepper Spray

Taser: Stun Gun & LED Flashlight

13. Pen Or Pencil

Just in case you have to sign a check 🙂

14. Extra Earrings

Keep an extra pair in your purse for times when you mistakenly lose a pair.

15. Tissue

Never know when you will need tissue.

* Xoxomissy is apart of Amazon’s Affiliate Program where I earn a small commission on items you purchase through my links. 🙂 *

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