Essentials For A Dorm Room

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It’s August which means school is right around the corner. The late summer nights are ending and the early mornings are creeping upon us. From the elementary schools up to college. School is about to be in session. It’s almost time to be back in the books. For this blog, below I listed some essential items that I utilized during my freshman year in the dorms.

Dorm life is pretty much what you make it. For me it was a great experience. I got the opportunity to meet many different people from all over the world. My first roommates turned into my life long best friends.

Everyone’s experience is going to be completely different. I mean you are moving out of your parents house to live with complete strangers. What a better experience to have then that right? 🙂

Hopefully you find this list helpful. Comment down below any items that were essential to you!


Decorating your dorm doesn’t have to break the bank. Make your room feel like home. Jazz it up with some artwork, pictures of friends and family, wall art and anything that makes your room feel nice and cozy. You should feel comfortable in your new “home” away from home.

First Aid Kit

Accidents happen you never know when you made need a first aid kit. Having one inside of your dorm room is a must have to stay on the safe side.

Cleaning products

When you’re sharing a space you definitely want to make sure that everything is as clean as possible. Cleaning products such as Lysol Disinfecting Wipes or Clorox Products and many others will do the trick.

Flashlights and Batteries

Invest in flashlights and batteries for emergencies such as power outages. My mini flashlights were useful when the school would lose power.

Dish Set

Having a dish set in your dorm room is actually a great idea. What else are you going to put your food on? This Bamboo Fiber Dish Set on Amazon is super cute and affordable.


For those late study nights when your roommate may be getting some sleep. Buying a desk lamp is very beneficial.

Mini fan and heater

To avoid fights over the thermostat buy a fan or heater. They also come in handy for those days when the AC is broken or the power goes out. You will have a back up plan until it is fix. Check out OPOLAR Space Portable Ceramic Heater or OPOLAR Small Desk Fan if your interested in buying a heater or fan.



Let’s face it its college. It’s better to protect yourself at all time. Condoms are actually easy to access in college. From your Resident Assistant, the clinic, or friends. There is no excuse on why you shouldn’t be practicing safe sex.

Mini fridge and Microwave

Was extremely important for those late nights when the cafeteria and surrounding fast food restaurants were closed. I could easily fix some cereal, a sandwich, pop some popcorn or heat up the famous college meal Ramen noodles. Check out RCA 1.6-1.7 Cubic Foot Purple Fridge or COMFEE’ Countertop Microwave Oven.

Planner and Calendar

Having a planner and calendar saved my life in college. It kept me up to date with meetings, exams and assignment due dates. I was completely in over my head until I invested into a planner.

Laundry hamper

When I bought a laundry hamper that had wheels I thought it was the best thing money could buy. Seriously, both of the laundry rooms were on the other side of campus. Imagine toting a basket full of clothes once a week. Talk about arms burning. There are tons of laundry hampers out there with wheels or if you’re looking for a cute hamper for decoration check out DOKEHOM Large Fold able Laundry Basket .

Shower Caddy and Shower Shoes

Having a portable shower caddy is a way to keep your bathroom items together. It’s easy to tote around and it helps with organization. Shower shoes are defiantly a MUST HAVE! A pair of flip flops from the dollar store will do. Remember everyone was raised differently. Pretty much I’m trying to say there are some disgusting people out there. So protect yourself at all times! Check out mDesign Plastic Portable Storage Caddy.

Storage bins

Keep all of your clothing, shoes, and accessories organized by buying bins for your items or buying a suitcase. The best way to keep the room looking nice, tidy and organized was to buy under the bed storage or stack able containers. Such as Onlyeasy Foldable Underbed Bags or Compact Stacking Drawers.


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