9 Simple and Fun At Home Date Night Ideas

Date nights are always fun! The great thing about dates is that they don’t always have to be done outside of the home. There are plenty of things that you can do inside the home to have a fun romantic night with your significant other. If you are looking for simple, fun and cost friendly […]

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A Letter To My Discouraged Friends

“Comparison is the thief of joy” Theodore Roosevelt Dear Discouraged Friend, I know this feeling extremely well! You see others receiving promotions, degrees, becoming homeowners, and getting engaged but you’re having a tough time obtaining your goals. You’re thinking when will it be my time? Why do I feel so left behind? When I realized […]

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Essentials For A Dorm Room

It’s August which means school is right around the corner. The late summer nights are ending and the early mornings are creeping upon us. From the elementary schools up to college. School is about to be in session. It’s almost time to be back in the books. For this blog, below I listed some essential […]

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Affordable Family Matching Swimwear

Who doesn’t love matching swimsuits for the family. Amazon offers a variety of patterns, colors and sizes for your family this summer season. Check out the list I created below filled with affordable and trendy bathing suits for the entire family! *notice: all swim suits are sold separately* Shop Here: Ruffle Family Bathing Suits Shop […]

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