My Book: Nothing Stays A Secret Forever

If you love urban books then check out mine!! I am so excited to announce that I’ve finally finished my story “Nothing Stays A Secret Forever.”

I would love it if you head over to Wattpad and read my story! What are you waiting for start reading today.


Everything that’s done in the dark will eventually come to light. Mea’s life has been less than a fairy tale. Having no father, a cold-hearted mother and a sister who depends on her she was forced to grow up at a young age. Happiness was never apart of her life until she met her fiance Dominique. He was the one person that she knew would always have her back. Until one night her world changed in a matter of minutes. What was supposed to be a great night quickly turned sour when a secret that was revealed turned her world upside down.



“Ughhhh. Dominique, you are so stupid!!” I threw the phone down.

Two hours later I was sitting on the bed deep in my thoughts when the bedroom door opened. Dominique was finally home!

“Wassup baby. Sorry I wasn’t responding to your texts and calls I was in my meeting with Princeton. I was going to hit you back but my phone died.” Dom said walking into the room. I looked at him but no words would come out of my mouth.

“What’s wrong Meme?” He looked at me and shock came over his face when he noticed the pregnancy test in my hand.

“Yooo bae are you serious?” He stepped towards me but I held up my hand. Tears were now running down my face.

I looked him in the eyes and turned the phone around to show him the picture that my best friend Raven sent. I saw the color drain from his face.

“Baby let me explain…..”

Comment, share, like and subscribe! Let me know what you think. I enjoyed writing my very first story. It’s not perfect but it’s perfect for me!!


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