11 Common Superstitions Most Black People Live By

Superstitions are ways that our ancestors told stories to describe mysterious events.

Growing up we have all heard the sayings “Step on a crack you will break your mothers back?” or “If you split the pole you will have bad luck.” Rather it was told by your mother, friends, or your grandmother there are tons of superstitions that some of us without evening knowing may live by. Most may not believe in them but the majority of people have pass them down to their children and others.

With the help of some amazing friends! Below, I have compiled a list of 11 common superstitions that we all may have heard once in our lifetime. Make sure to leave a comment below some that I may have left out! I look forward to reading them 🙂

It’s a must that you eat black-eyed peas, greens, cornbread and hoppin’ john on New Year’s Day.

A traditional meal that is said to bring good luck and fortune for the new year.

If you dream of fish…

The saying goes “If you dream of fish someone close to you is pregnant..”

Never open an umbrella indoors.

Opening umbrella’s indoors is said to bring bad luck your way.

Before New Year’s Day you have to take down your Christmas decorations.

Bringing in the New Year with your Christmas decor will bring a whole year of bad luck.

Never buy a woman shoes.

You’re not supposed to buy a woman shoes because she will quickly walk out of your life.

Don’t put your purse on the floor.

If you put your purse on the floor you’ll lose money and will become broke.


If your left eye jumps…

If your left eye jumps something bad is about to happen.

If your feet gets swept by a broom..

There are two sayings for if your feet get’s swept: you won’t get married or someone is going to jail.

My right hand itches…

Good news! It is said that if your right hand is itching you are about to receive money.

Don’t buy a man a watch.

If you buy a man a watch you’re telling him how much time he has before he leaves you.

Don’t allow anyone to step over your feet.

Allowing someone to cross over your feet is another way to bring bad luck into your life.


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