How To DIY Pedicure At Home For Soft Feet

Going to the nail salon for a pedicure can sometimes be on the expensive side. One day I realized that I could save money if I did my own pedicures at home. That I can take care of my feet without breaking the bank. Most of the products that I use are inexpensive and can be bought on Amazon or at your local dollar store.

Below, I show you how I do my at home pedicures. I make sure to do this routine every two weeks. So, if you are interested in how I save money and time doing my own pedicures at home keep reading.

#1: I prepare my Conair Foot Spa by filling it up with warm water then adding Epsom Salt or my favorite foot soak ( Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak ) to the water.

#2: Before placing my feet inside of the water I remove my old nail polish with nail polish remover from the dollar store and a cotton ball. I then place my foot inside of the foot spa and allow it to soak for 15-30 minutes.

#3: Once my feet have soaked inside of the foot spa I then use my Cuticle Pusher to push back my cuticles and my Nail File to file my nails into the shape and length I would like. I also make sure to clean underneath my toenails. Once that is complete I place my feet back inside of the foot spa.

#4: Using one of my favorite foot scrubs ( Majestic Pure Himalayan Salt Scrub ) I massage the scrub into my feet and use a Brush & Pumice Stone to help with removing dry and dead skin.

#5: I then use my Amope Electronic Foot File on my feet to help buff my feet for smoother skin and then place them back into the water.

#6: I pat my feet dry with a towel and then add my favorite moisturizer or Coconut Oil to my skin.

#7: Once my feet is completely dry I use my OPI Nail Strengthener and then apply my polish of choice. Once the polish is dry I top it off with a Top Coat and use more nail polish remover to clean any nail polish on my skin.

Now, you are finally finished with your DI’Y at home Pedicure! Get ready to show off those feet! 🙂

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