How To Design Great Press On Nails At Home

Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels

Due to social distancing we are stuck inside of our homes for two weeks which means no nail salons are open. Now it’s time to get creative and learn how to do our own manicures and nails in the comfort of our own homes. Since 2019 I have learned how to create and do my own press on and acrylic nails at home for an inexpensive price. If you are interested in learning how to do your own set at home keep reading 🙂

– Remove all nail polish from nails –

Make sure to start with clean nails free of oil and dirt. You can purchase nail polish remover here: Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover or from your local stores.

– Push cuticles back –

Pushing your cuticles back will give nails a cleaner appearance. Make sure to use cuticle oil to moisturize and soften the cuticles. Click here to purchase: Cuticle Pusher and Cuticle Oil

– File nails –

File your nails down to your desired length. Also, make sure to lightly buff the natural nail to remove any shine from the nails. This will help the press on nails to stick to the natural nails a little easier. Purchase here: Nail Files

– Size nails –

In order to ensure that your press on nails will last for 2-3 weeks make sure your nails are the right size. The press on nails should fit your nails from side wall to side wall. They should not touch your skin. Purchase Here: Full Cover Stiletto Nails

– Nail glue –

Apply nail glue to your press on nails and hold down for at least twenty seconds. Purchase Here: Nail Tip Glue

– Apply nail polish –

My personal favorite polish is Gel but find your polish of choice and paint your nails. If you are using Gel Polish you will need an UV Gel lamp and Gel topcoat. Purchase Here: UV Nail Lamp, Matte Top Coat, High Gloss Top Gel and Base Coat Set, and Glitter Gel Nail Polish Set

– Decorate your nails –

If you would like to add bling to your press on nails you can apply rhinestones, nail foil and jewels to add some style. Purchase Here: Crystal Rhinestones, Nail Foil, and Nails Rhinestones and Foil Flakes

– Finish –

You are now ready to show off your at home press on nails! If you are looking for more press on nail designs follow my Instagram page: or click on one of the images above to be linked to my instagram page! 🙂


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