17 Must Have Nail Art Tools For Beginners

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

Who doesn’t love press on nails? They have become my favorite this year and here is three reasons why. 1) Easy on the pockets 2) Convenient for the everyday working woman 3) Super stylish and less damage to your nails. Invest in press on nails to save yourself some coins and the wait at the nail salons. Below I have nail art tools that are currently inside of my kit which are easy to use and affordable. If you are interested in building your nail kit keep reading. Comment down below any tools that you use 🙂

Nail Polish Organizer

Of course you need a place to store the tools you will need. Purchase an organizer where you can store all of your items in one place. It makes your life easier and simple having everything neat and in one place.

Rolling Cosmetic Organizer Trolley

If you need more storage space because you have tons of products invest in a trolley. More space, durable and tons of storage space. It’s also easy to lift and carry around.

LED UV Gel Nail Lamp

The best way to cure your gel nail polish is using a UV Lamp. If you love gel polishes like I do purchase a UV light.

Full Cover False Nails

There are plenty of shapes and sizes you can choose from when purchasing nails. The best part is you can purchase tons of nails for a very cheap price. What’s a nail kit without nails? They are the most important product inside of your nail kit.

Nail Art Practice Display Stand

For my ladies who love to paint their nails before putting them on purchasing a nail tip holder is a great investment. I purchased this super cute magnetic chessboard display stand from Amazon and I am in love. It’s very helpful when it comes to painting and designing my press on nails.

Nail Art Design Tools

Nail art tools are extremely helpful when it comes to designing your nails. Each brush and dotting tool serves a different purpose which are helpful for creating that sleek, clean and nice art design you are trying to create.


Gel Nail Polish

You can’t have a nail kit with polish. My all time favorite polishes are gel. They last longer and I love the finish product after curing under my UV light. Amazon is my favorite place to purchase polishes because I can buy them in bulk for an affordable price.

Base Coat + Top Coat Clear Polish

You will need a base and top coat to protect and seal in the colors of your nails. They also give your nails a nice shiny finish.

Manicure Set

Taking care of your natural nails are extremely important. Having a nail file, buffer, cuticle pusher, trimmer, tweezers and important for nail growth and cleanliness.

Nail Glue

Nail glue helps with adhering the fake nail onto your natural nail. Having plenty of nail glue is best because it’s easy to run out super fast.

Pure Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Cleans and removes glitter, nail polish and great for marble designs.

Mounting Putty Tabs

If you purchase a nail holder you will need something to adhere your nails to the holder. Putty is great because it is easy to remove and doesn’t leave a mess.


Nail Art Glitter and Shimmer Decoration

Glitter, glitter and more glitter! Who doesn’t love glitter? I bought these beautiful shades from Amazon and fell in love. They bring out the pop that I need.

Nail Art Rhinestones

What is nails without the glitz and glam? The best part for me about press on nails is getting the opportunity to be creative. Rhinestones and jewels are definitely a must have!

Nail Art Transfer Foil

Transfer foils are so fun to use with your nail designs. I love using the different patterns and colors to jazz up my nail creations.

Nail Striping Tape

Another great way to add style and excitement to your nails. Nail tape can be used in many different ways rather it’s for a checkerboard design, stripes and so much more they are a great tool to have.

Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs dipped in nail polish remover is a great way to clean up your nails.

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