10 Sexy Valentine’s Date Night Looks For Her

One of my all time favorite holiday’s is almost here. Of course on Valentine’s day you want to look your absolute best for your spouse. Which is why I’ve created a list of ten affordable, fashionable and super sexy dresses that will definitely catch your partners attention throughout the night. Happy shopping 🙂 – Wrap […]

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Essentials For A Dorm Room

It’s August which means school is right around the corner. The late summer nights are ending and the early mornings are creeping upon us. From the elementary schools up to college. School is about to be in session. It’s almost time to be back in the books. For this blog, below I listed some essential […]

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Affordable Family Matching Swimwear

Who doesn’t love matching swimsuits for the family. Amazon offers a variety of patterns, colors and sizes for your family this summer season. Check out the list I created below filled with affordable and trendy bathing suits for the entire family! *notice: all swim suits are sold separately* Shop Here: Ruffle Family Bathing Suits Shop […]

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Home·bod·y/ˈhōmˌbädē/ A person who likes to stay at home and enjoy the warmth and pleasure of staying in. If this definition describes you then check out the list I’ve created below filled with gift ideas for the homebodies out there! Massage Pillow Purchase Here: Massage Pillow Full Body Massager with Heat This Deep-Kneading Massage Pillow […]