How To Survive Valentine’s Day For Singles

Couples shouldn’t be the only ones having fun on Valentine’s Day.

Photo by from Pexels

1. Girl’s Night In

Due to the pandemic, having large gatherings such as throwing a party is not the best decision. But, gathering a few of your single friends and having a girl’s night in is always a fun and wonderful idea. You’ll be having so much fun that being single on Valentine’s Day will be the furthest thing on your mind.

2. Stay off of social media

Take a much needed break from social media. Especially, if you don’t want any reminders about Valentine’s Day. Put your phone down and have a movie night or a fancy dinner for yourself. Try a new recipe and enjoy some much needed me time.

3. Be your own Valentine’s Date

Instead of feeling down because you aren’t receiving a Valentine’s Day gift this year treat yourself instead. Go out and buy yourself some fresh flowers. Shop at your favorite clothing store and purchase a new outfit. Buy yourself an edible arrangement. Love on yourself!

4. Don’t be tempted to text an ex

There are 1000 reasons I could give you on why this is a bad idea. Don’t allow one night to open a door you should keep closed and sealed. No “Hey big head” texts, don’t call just to see how they’re doing and definitely don’t respond if they reach out to you. Don’t allow your loneliness to lower your standards!!

5. Distract yourself with your favorite hobbies

Make Valentine’s a day where you do a hobby that you enjoy or start a new one. Pick up your favorite book. Learn how to paint. Listen to new music. Dedicate that day to doing an activity that you enjoy.

6. Gift exchange with friends and family

Another option is doing a Valentine’s Day gift exchange with your family or friends. Valentine’s day isn’t only about couples. Show love towards the one’s you love.

7. Spa Day

Pamper yourself by enjoying a relaxing night of self-care. Take a nice bath with candles, bubbles, music and definitely don’t forget the wine.  

8. Call it an early night

Go to bed early on Valentine’s night and get caught up on some much-needed rest. If you’re sleeping you want be able to think about anything pertaining to Valentine’s Day.


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