These 10 Things Can Secretly Destroy Your Romantic Relationships

Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels

1. Lack of listening skills…

No one likes being ignored or feeling like their every word is falling on death ears. It’s so important to be present in moments when your spouse needs you as a listening ear. Being an active listener and giving your undivided attention can help your partner feel heard and appreciated.

2. When the fun is gone…

In some relationships as the years go by it may get tougher trying to keep the initial “spark” alive. Which is why it’s so important for both partners to make an effort to keep the relationship fresh. Keep going on date nights, trying new restaurants and building intimacy. Never stop having fun and creating memories together.

3. Sorry, I have to cancel again…

If you’re top love language is quality time like mine then this can definitely be a relationship killer. When plans are constantly being cancelled or even worse forgotten about it can make a person feel neglected. Feeling as if you aren’t a priority in someones life can make a person harbor feelings of anger and loneliness. If you want your relationship to last make time for your spouse! Show your partner that they’re appreciated by giving them the quality time that they need.

4. Dismissing partner’s feelings…

Not giving your partner an opportunity to express their feelings by ignoring or brushing it off may make a person feel small and unimportant. Be that listening ear that your partner deserves by putting fourth an effort to actually understand their perspective of things and acknowledge their feelings.

5. No communication…

You want to give a person breathing room but going days without speaking to your partner is not okay. Finding that healthy balance between knowing when it is too much space and just the right amount is necessary. There is no rule book on how often you and your partner should communicate but make sure that your partner isn’t feeling abandoned.

6. Lack of affection…

Where is the love? Intimacy is a major key in any relationship that you have on this earth. It is a basic need that every human being needs. Showing a little affection can go a long way in your relationship. A simple hug, touch, or kiss can make a person feel secure, wanted and loved. Lack of these small things can be detrimental to your romantic relationships. Strive to keep the intimacy alive by figuring out your partners love language.

7. Holding on to the past…

Holding on to past mistakes can prevent the relationship from progressing and can make it extremely difficult to create healthy relationships. Stop comparing your current partner to your old ones. Leave the past in the past, have faith in your new relationship, and focus on the “right now”.


8. Emotionally absent partner…

Vulnerability is important for a relationship to last long term and thrive in healthiness. Trusting your partner and allowing yourself to open up is necessary in romantic relationships or it simply wont work. Building those emotional connections with your spouse should be top priority. Connect with your partner on a deeper level emotionally, have patience and allow your relationship to be an open space to cope with your emotions.

9. Always giving but never receiving…

One person putting in more effort is a common relationship problem. But, when one is excessively over-giving and constantly pouring into the relationship without receiving anything in return that’s when a person becomes burnt out. If your spouse is giving more than you this creates unbalance within the relationship which may leave a person to feel as if they’re the only one who cares. One-sided relationships never work out in the long run. A relationship is a partnership where you both are supposed to put in the effort to maintain it.

10. Failure to defend spouse…

Protect and defend your spouse when need be. Having a person who does the complete opposite will cause a division within the relationship due to feeling unsupported. Which may also lead to having lack of trust, respect and growing resentment which can lead to the relationship falling into pieces.

Communication is the key to success and can help mend broken relationships. Love isn’t always easy but with work, patience, and effort you can create something beautiful together. Comment down below any small things that you’ve discovered that secretly destroys relationships. I would love to hear your opinions 🙂


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