10 Must Read Quotes For The Independent Woman

An independent woman according to the Urban Dictionary is: “A woman who pays her own bills, buys her own things, and does not allow a man to affect her stability or self-confidence. She supports herself entirely on her own and is proud to be able to do so.”

In the words of Lil Webbie “She got her own house, she got her own car, two jobs, work hard, you a bad chick….”

We all strive to be an independent woman. A woman who has her own and doesn’t accept anything but the best. I salute all of my independent boss woman. Keep paving the way for all women around the world.

Below are 10 quotes that make me think of the independent woman I’ve encountered in my life. Share your favorite quotes below. I would love to read them 🙂

“I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and lit that bitch up myself.”


“If I have to lose people in order to get where I need to be, then I’m okay with that.”


“If I make a fool of myself, who cares? I’m not frightened by anyone’s perception of me.”

-Angelina Jolie

“If it’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.”


“You become a force to reckon with when you don’t depend on anyone for anything because you know you have it all or can get it all yourself.”



“Never be sorry for being a woman with a mind of her own who doesn’t take anyone’s shit.”


“You don’t need anyone to crown you in order for you to be a Queen.”


“Invest in yourself, believe in your brand.”


“Stay focused, stay in your lane, and you’ll stay successful.”


“Confidence is more than a way of thinking. It’s a lifestyle”


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