13 Classic 90’s Toys That Every 90’s Kid Wanted

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

I was browsing Amazon one day and paused when I saw the iconic BOP IT toy. The little girl inside of me became so excited! I started going down memory lane and remembering all of the great memories from my childhood. Playing with my Bratz Doll head, trying to place the correct shapes inside of The Game Of Perfection before time ran out or hopping around outside on my Pogo Stick. Life was so simple back then!

I have found 13 popular 90’s toys which can all be purchased on Amazon!! Start shopping today and relive those great childhood moments.

Happy shopping 🙂

Bratz Doll


Bop It

Pogo Stick

Skip It Ball

Etch A Sketch

Water Soaker Squirt Toy

Easy Bake Oven

Snoopy Original Sno-Cone Machine

LITE Brite Magic Screen

Hasbro Furby

Chia Pet

Slinky Spring Toy

Happy Shopping,

*Xoxomissy is a part of Amazon Affiliate program where I earn a small fee if you purchase through my affiliate links 🙂 *

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