6 Women In Their 20’s Give Relationship Advice To Other Young Couples

“I want a love like
Me thinking of you
Thinking of me thinking of you type love
Or me telling my friends more than I’ve ever admitted to myself
About how I feel about you type love
Or hating how jealous you are
But loving how much you want me all to yourself type love
Or see how your first name just sound so good next to my last name…..”

– Shihan (This Type Love)

I initially wanted to speak with the older generation but decided to switch things up. This time I asked the younger generation to give advice on how they handle their relationships. I messaged six young women between the ages of 21-25 who have been in committed and serious relationships for 1-10 years. I asked them three questions each and below are their responses:

#1: 3 years in a relationship

How do you deal with difficult times/conflict?

We allow each other time (a couple of hours) to calm down and rethink.

What steps do you take to make the relationship feel “alive”?

Telling him how much he means to me, how handsome he is and remind him who he is in God. My boyfriend makes it a priority to carve out time for us. He often holds my hand, sits close to me, or cuddles me. Also, we found out our love languages. Once we started feeding each other our love languages the relationship started growing more!

What advice would you give to other young couples?

Don’t go into a relationship thinking it’ll change you or make you happy. The right relationship will expose your insecurities and help you grow. The right person will notice your worth and will do what it takes to keep you. Pray together and make your desires known. It’s important to communicate effectively. Compromising is key.

#2: 1 year and 5 months together

How do you deal with difficult times/conflict?

We’re still working on this but communication. Also, not holding things in which can be hard after being hurt.

What is helping you to stay together with your spouse?

We’re still together because we still want each other!!

What advice would you give to other young couples?

No one’s relationship is the same so don’t compare. Communicate and keep intimacy in your relationship.

#3: 10 years together

How do you deal with difficult times/conflict?

Trying to understand one another by listening to each other’s feelings and thoughts. Talking about issues before they explode into something that doesn’t need to happen. Also, not making each other’s feelings invalid to try and validate why we’re right about whatever the issue is. Listening and communication are the most integral parts of a relationship.

Why do you think you and your partner have made it this far?

We continuously evolve for each other into the person we want the most. Asking each other what we can do to make the other happy and satisfied. Trying new things and changing it up especially in the bedroom. Great chemistry, having a significant amount of things in common and laughter. & guess what we’re best friends who tell each other everything. I feel that we’re made for one another. All the times that we’ve separated we always found a way back to each other. If that isn’t love and god then I don’t know sh**.

What advice would you give to other young couples?

Make alone time for each other, keep getting to know your partner, and don’t try changing each other or it won’t last. Change will occur if they want you bad enough but they’re only changing a few qualities. So, be understanding of who they are already!! When you fall on hard times remember why you fell in love and what you love about them most. Be faithful nothing hurts more than infidelity. Not everyone is disposable! Seek counseling if necessary. Be able to forgive, understand and move forward from experiences with your partner that might have been dissatisfying. Even if the relationship is in shambles be able to talk through it. It’s going to take more than a day to figure it out. You have to work at it so don’t give up so easily. It takes a lot of work to maintain a healthy relationship so always remember to communicate.

#4: We’ve been together for 1 year

How do you deal with difficult times/conflict?

We talk it out and try to see from both points of view, give each other space and try to look at the bigger picture.

How do you show love and appreciation to your spouse?

I’ll cook dinner often so that when he gets off he can have something to eat. I surprise him with random gifts. We still tell each other have a great day and to drive safely even if we’re upset with each other. Also, we buy each other’s favorite snacks…yes we are both fatties (lol).

What advice would you give to other young couples?

Trust each other, speak up if you’re feeling some type of way about a situation, have fun together and be fair. Try to have a mutual understanding of each other.

#5: In a relationship for 1 year and 2 months

How do you deal with difficult times/conflicts?

By not yelling at each other. Instead, we listen to try and understand each other. Space is necessary sometimes because you don’t want to say something out of anger in the heat of the moment. So, walking away for a few can help.

What are some important factors in your relationship?  

Love, laughter, friendship, and being completely comfortable with each other. Being able to bond and connect with each other on a deeper level. We really enjoy being together. Tons of laughs and fun by just being goofy, silly and roasting each other daily lol.

What advice would you give to other young couples?

Healthy relationships are important! It’s hard to find a great woman/man so if you found someone who makes you genuinely happy then hold on to them. Every relationship will have its problems. Figure out what’s wrong and work on it TOGETHER. Don’t give up on a person that you see forever with. Also, when you’re spending time together stay off your phones and just enjoy each other with no distractions.

#6: 3 years in my relationship

How do you deal with difficult times/conflict?

Time, conflict resolution, and communication.

Why do you think you and your partner have made it this far?

Love. Definitely hasn’t been a cake walk but we’re still learning and exploring. We’re committed to continuing to grow with each other by not giving up and being complacent.

What advice would you give to other young couples?

Have patience, don’t throw in the towel when the first argument comes up. Remember your morals and don’t settle.

Do you have any advice you would like to give? Comment down below.

Stay tuned for Day 7! We are almost to the finish line 🙂 Six more days until Valentine’s Day.

“Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary. – Oscar Wilde”

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