8 Simple and Fun At Home Date Night Ideas

Photo by Monnivhoir Aymar Kouamé from Pexels

Date nights are always fun! Getting the opportunity to dress up and spend much needed quality time with your spouse sounds like a lot of fun. The good thing about dates is that they don’t always have to be done outside of the home. There are plenty of things that you can do inside the home to have a fun romantic night with your significant other.

If you are looking for simple, fun and cost friendly date night ideas then continue reading this blog.

Feel free to add your own date night ideas below 🙂


1. Movie night

Yes, the good old fashion movie night. Let’s skip the long lines, paying for tickets and the expensive food at the concession stand and create your own movie night.. Grab your favorite snacks, drinks and just kick back in front of the television screen. Find a movie that you both will be interested in watching and enjoy some quiet quality time with your date.

2. Dinner For Two

Whenever there is food involved your bound to have a great night. (I love food so of course I would say that, lol.) Set the atmosphere for you and your date by using being surrounded by candlelight, rose petals, and your favorite playlist playing in the background. Tell your date to get dressed up for the night. Customize your own menu, order take out or you both can cook a meal together. Get creative for your romantic dinner night for two.

3. Game Night

Enjoy a night filled with laughs, fun and getting to know each other. Buy tons of board games, play truth or dare,d hide and seek or search online for date night games. Here are some game night ideas you could play Battle of the Sexes , Love & Naughty Stacking Tower , Cards Against Humanity , Watch Ya’ Mouth , Date Night Box Set and Never Have I Ever.

4. Wine and Design

One of my favorite at home date night ideas. Are you looking to have a fun and creative night in? Save money and do your own wine and design class? It’s very simple to do. Look up tutorials on YouTube, buy a bottle of your favorite wine, purchase canvases/art supplies and enjoy your night in. An affordable wine and design night for you and your boo. Or if you prefer not to get messy purchase adult coloring books.


5. Dance Night

Nothing is more romantic then playing your favorite tunes and slow dancing in your partners arm. You could turn your living room into a private dance floor for you and your date. Create a playlist filled with your favorite music, decorate the space and set the mood with candle light. Enjoy the privacy and intimacy between you two in your own home. Just you and your date doesn’t that sound lovely 🙂

6. Picnic Date

Picnics are so cute and romantic. Purchase a Picnic Basket , grab a Blanket and your favorite snacks. You can enjoy your picnic indoors or you could take it out doors to your back yard.

7. Karaoke night

What a fun date night idea. It doesn’t matter if you can sing or not. Karaoke always brings out the fun and laughter. Especially if there is drinks involved 🙂 Put on the tunes and start singing your hearts away. Create memorable moments with your spouse.

8. Massage

Create a peaceful, relaxing and tranquil night for you and your partner. You could alternate turns and provide each other with a private and intimate night of stress relief. Who doesn’t love a good massage? Use your favorite massage oil (Edible Vanilla Massage Oils), turn on some relaxing music and enjoy each other’s company. It’s a great time to bond and relax with your partner while creating stimulating conversations.


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