I’m A Strong Woman But Not In Relationships

Women are looked at as superheroes. We’re nurses, teachers, therapist’s and so much more for our families. We love with everything in us and keep families together. Some of us are taught to be strong, assertive and definitely independent. To be the boss lady when it comes to work. Stand up, take charge and tackle any situation thrown our way. 

With all of this in mind why aren’t we like this in our relationships?

We put up with so many things in relationships that we wouldn’t tolerate from anyone else. As a strong woman you have to love yourself. Know what things to keep and what to set free. Learn how to be soft and powerful. Willing to receive and give love but don’t let that love walk all over you.

You put yourself first. You’re not afraid to love another 100% but if they don’t show you the love in return you know how to walk away. You don’t allow an individual to play games and never settle for less. As a strong woman you don’t put up with anything you wouldn’t tolerate from anyone else.

Don’t allow yourself to be a doormat because of your love for a person. Stand up for yourself like you do in other aspects of life. Be more outspoken about situations that you don’t agree with. Be strong enough to know that you deserve better in life if you are being mistreated. Don’t give your all to someone who doesn’t invest into the relationship. Take charge of your happiness. Don’t be the passenger hop in the drivers seat and take control of your happiness.

Be the boss lady in and outside the bedroom. If they don’t accept you then someone out there will be happy to take their place. God did not create us to be abused, mistreated and unappreciated. We deserve to be treated like queens. Boss up and don’t allow someone to treat you less than you deserve.



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