Stop Romanticizing Toxic Behavior & Glorifying Cheating ‼️

Cheating is not a part of the ups and downs in relationships. Let me say it again for the people in the back. Cheating is NOT A PART OF THE UPS AND DOWNS IN RELATIONSHIPS!!

I wasn’t going to speak on the situation but after recently seeing this post:

It sparked something inside of me and I just had to put my two cents in. I have had ENOUGH of these trash men being applauded or giving a pass for their toxic behaviors. Now, I don’t follow celebrity drama often but unless you’re living under a rock you’ve heard about Cardi B and Offset. They’re a popular celebrity couple who recently ended their rocky marriage. They’ve been the hot topic all over social media because of Offset being exposed for cheating with multiple women. 

The last strike for Cardi B. was when text messages got leaked about Offset wanting to engage in a threesome with two other women. Despite Cardi B. constantly forgiving Offset he still decided to cheat on her throughout their relationship. The news of their split has caused social media to go in an uproar. Everyone is discussing what should Cardi B do: Take her husband back? Or Continue to move on with her life?

After constantly seeing posts from celebrities, men and women justifying Offsets behavior I couldn’t take it anymore. We as a society need to start taking accountability for our actions. Instead of promoting healthy relationships we live in a society where cheating is glorified. Society has romanticized toxic behavior and people are being brainwashed into thinking that is love when it’s not. What happened to building healthy relationships on a strong foundation filled with love, support and loyalty. When did disrespect, abuse and cheating become the norm for relationships.

Now that Cardi B. has decided to leave her husband. Offset has taken to social media to try and win her back. He even went as far as showing up to her show as another attempt to win her back. My question would be: Where was this energy when you had her? When she forgave you the first time? How about the second or third time? Why do we have to go through hell and back to prove our worth?

If Cardi B. was the one caught cheating the story would be completely different. Men expect so much from us but if the shoe was on the other foot you all wouldn’t know how to handle it. I sure wish people defended being faithful as much as they defend cheaters!

Now, I’m not sure how this situation will play out. Will she take him back or not? Is this drama fake for publicity? I’m not sure but I dislike how social media only wants Cardi B. to take him back just because of their child and the simple fact that they are celebrities. This man embarrassed her multiple times and when she’s finally DONE DONE now he wants to show effort? We should be applauding Cardi!  Why aren’t we encouraging her to focus on herself, her child and healing from the hurt and embarrassment. But, because it’s Cardi B. she has to put up with the public embarrassment and forget about her happiness to please the masses. Chile please!

“How do you think marriages lasted so long back in the day?” Maybe because times were completely different back then. Most of our grandmothers didn’t have jobs because “a woman’s job was in the kitchen not in the workplace.” Women cooked, cleaned, and stayed home barefoot and pregnant.

“I know he’s cheating but I just turn the other cheek”, “I’m not leaving him we’ve been together to long”, or “I don’t want to be lonely.” These are actual statements I have read or heard with my own ears from older woman. These long lasting relationships will be something to look up to IF they are built on a foundation that doesn’t involve cheating, having another family on the side, or disrespect. They overlooked the cheating because back then you didn’t divorce your husband because of fear of judgement and being lonely. Women would rather be unhappy in a toxic relationship rather than be alone. Somehow we view singleness as a bad thing.

Well I am happy to say that times have changed. This is a new generation of women and SOME of us are waking up and finding our worth. This generation of women are not putting up with constant disrespect, cheating and embarrassment. I’m proud to see the growth of women throughout the years. We are working outside of the home and making shit happen for ourselves with or without a spouse.

Turning the other cheek and pretending like we don’t see your infidelities WILL NOT work anymore. No one should have to put up with continuously being cheated on whether your a man or woman. If you can’t treat us like the Queen’s we are then you can go.

Cardi forgave Offset MULTIPLE times and he continued to embarrass her. How long are we expected to endure pain before it’s deemed enough by society? At some point you have to know your worth. *sigh* Cardi B. keep your head up sis!



*Should she take him back? Did she do the right thing? Do you think this is real or just for publicity? Leave a comment down below. I would love to hear your opinions on this situation!!*

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