#DIY: At Home Pedicures

It’s the summertime! It is time to bring out the cute sandals and show those feet. We all know that going to the nail salon can be on the expensive side. So, I thought why not do my own little spa days. I can save tons of money by doing my own nails and feet. Below is my routine that I use for my at home pedicures. I do this routine every two weeks. The products are budget friendly and can be purchased from Family Dollar, Amazon or any local store. So, let’s save money this summer by trying out this at home pedicure routine:

  1. I start off by filling my Foot Spa with warm water. I then add Epsom Salt to the water (you can add any bath salt that you prefer.)


2. I remove my old nail polish and then let my feet soak inside of the foot spa for about 15-30 minutes.


3. I then use a cuticle pusher to push back my cuticles and clean underneath my toenails and then place my feet back into the foot spa.


4. I then brush and file the bottom, sides and the top of my feet and then place my feet back into the water.


5. The step above will be repeated but using my Amope on the bottom and sides of my feet. (Place feet back into water)


6. Next, I file my nails to the shape and length that I prefer and then place them back into the water.


7. I will now use a scrub on my legs and feet. The scrub that I use is Himalayan Scrub by Majestic Pure. I purchased this item off of Amazon for $13.95.


8. Once the body scrub is removed I towel dry my feet.


9. I then use my foam finger toe separators to apply my nail polish.


10. I begin with a clear nail protector, then I apply my polish of choice. Once the polish is dried a rapid dry top coat is applied over the polish.


Once the polish is dry use your favorite moisturizer on your feet. Use nail polish remover to get rid of any nail polish on your skin. & you are done and ready to show off those feet all Summer 18!



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