How to Lose a Girl in 10 days


No one is perfect especially when it comes to dating. I was inspired to write this blog post based on “How to Lose a Guy in 10 days” starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. This cute romantic movie talks about some no-no’s that males dislike for females to do. After I completed the movie an idea popped into my head. Maybe I should create a list as well but call it “How to Lose a Girl in 10 days.” So, let’s get started with the first no-no:

Lack of attention: If you are not showing a woman any attention there will definitely not be a second date. You should be attentive and listening to what she is saying. With your attention being else where this shows us that you are not interested. So, if we noticed that your attention is elsewhere we are going to be elsewhere with someone else. 

Self-centered: You’re ALWAYS the topic of the conversation. You ask her a question about herself and somehow the conversation ends up talking about you AGAIN. This is the most annoying thing ever!! If you are only talking about you and your accomplishments you aren’t getting the chance to know her. Men like this I would have to text “Code 10” to my girlfriend. “Code 10” means call me and make up an excuse so I can leave.

Wandering eye: Every female that walks by you have to do a double take. Checking out other females when she is around is not a good thing. Some females view that as being disrespectful. Especially if you aren’t being discreet about it. Show some respect or you may not have a date anymore.

Poor hygiene: If you’re not smelling your best it throws off the mood and no spraying cologne does not cover up the smell it only makes it worse. Personal hygiene and taking care of yourself is not only a female thing. We love when our men are looking and smelling good. So, yes personal hygiene is very important to us. 

Comparing her to an Ex: Your ex is an ex for a reason. Always bringing up the past is not a good thing. Unless we ask you about past relationships. No one wants to constantly hear about your ex girlfriend all the time. Especially, if you are comparing your Ex to your current woman. Which IS A BIG NO-NO!! Nobody wants to be compared to anyone especially an ex girlfriend. If you keep bringing up the female from the past your current date will be added to the list of past partners.

She has to pay for the first date: If you ask a female out, on the first date it is an unspoken rule that the male pays the bill. Especially, if you were the one constantly messaging her about going out. Now I don’t see anything wrong with the female paying sometimes for dates. With my boyfriend some days he would pay and other days I would when we go out. But, for the first date if the female has to pay for the meal and tip its a no-no which could be a deal breaker for some females.

Backhanded compliments: You never have anything nice to say. “Your hair looks good but you should have worn it like this.” “I like your outfit but you should have worn these kind of shoes instead.” Constantly giving backhanded compliments becomes annoying. 

Pressuring intimacy: Instead of going with the flow of things intimacy is always the topic of discussion. Fellas it is less likely for you to get any if you’re always pressuring or asking for it. If you think about it females have the ultimate choice honestly. If she wants to give it up she will no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. You will not have to pressure her the time will come eventually. When she is ready!! Maybe it will be on the first date or maybe a year later but be patient and wait until she is ready. & if you can’t wait then you need to get dumped!!! 

I hope you guys enjoyed!! There are many more things so comment down below any that I have missed. I would love to hear your thoughts!!!


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