#StoryTime: I Hope This Gave You The Closure You Needed! (Part 1)


*I do not own this image*

Dear Draya, 

I told you what it was since day one. You just didn’t listen. You heard what you wanted to hear. If you would have  listened you would have known that I wasn’t the one for you. I wasn’t ready for a relationship and I didn’t want to settle down. YOU wanted those things. All of the things that you wanted I didn’t.  YOU decided to keep it going. Why Draya? What was your reason? Did you think that you could change me? Change my mind about us?

You see I wasn’t going to change. Why? I didn’t want to change. I told you from the jump I wanted to take things slow. YOU chose to catch feelings and broke our agreement. We said that friends with benefits was the ride that we were on. But, you got caught up.

And don’t blame that on me. You knew what you were getting into. You weren’t even my girlfriend Draya and were doing girlfriend “duties” for free. Now you want to blame me for your heart break. Saying that I wasted your time. No, YOU wasted your own time. 

When you started worrying about who was texting my phone and where I was laying my head at night. I started falling back from you. I tried to end it but YOU wouldn’t let me go. I would leave you alone and you would come right back.  Why? Did you enjoy being hurt? Or did you not want to be alone? I knew I should have left you alone but you should have left me alone too. So we both are in the wrong.

Draya I hope you learned to:

Never give your all when a person is not putting in any effort.

If someone wants to change THEY WILL! YOU will not have to do anything they will do it on their own.

Know your worth. A person will treat you how you allow them to treat you. If you don’t put your foot down you will get used. Used for your time, attention, and loyalty. PROTECT yourself and your heart.

I’m sorry you had to go through this pain again. I’m sorry that you fell for someone who had no intentions on catching you. You were a great woman. You just weren’t the woman for me and I hope you see that now. Please Draya, move on with your life and find some peace. I hope this gave you the closure you needed!!




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