We don’t date with a purpose anymore…

“We live in a generation of, not being in love, and not being together…” -Drake

... generation sucks at dating ...

I must say dating in this society has become complicated and honestly tiresome. I’m in the generation where everything is revolved around sex, you’re praised for having hoes and being heartless.

Where you go through twenty different levels of the “talking” stage.  Which is pretty much “dating” but we don’t call it dating because we’re afraid to use labels.

These days it’s all about body counts and temporary feelings. The words love, marriage and commitment are foreign to our ears.

I hate how everything is temporary and rushed these days. We don’t date with a purpose anymore.

What happened?

To developing that special bond with a person? Stimulating conversations? Connecting with someone mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally? REAL DATES!!? and yes, “Netflix and Chill” is NOT a date.

I’m talking about dates where you connect with what’s on the inside not just the exterior. It seems like we are taught to obsess over the physical traits. If she/he doesn’t have the “perfect” body then they’re not giving a second look and that’s why I hate society’s definition of what “beauty” is.

Just because I don’t have the “perfect” body with a Nicki Minaj ass, and curves for days doesn’t make me less beautiful than the next.

Just because a man is not the “ideal” man with abs, a nice beard and is above 6 foot tall doesn’t make him any less of a person.

There are many great people who are not given a chance. Let’s stop obsessing over what’s on the outside and connect with the beautiful soul on the inside. Let’s make dating less stressful and complicated again.

Let’s date with a purpose again…<3



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