#FollowYourDreams: It’s your life..don’t let others tell you how to live it….

” Everything is possible: your dreams, your ideas, your vision……never let anyone tell you “You Can’t” because if you can dream it you CAN do it ❤”

When I was a little girl I believed that all of my little dreams would come true. Thanks to my imagination I knew that I would grow up to be a beautiful princess who let kids eat candy for dinner and would abolish homework. I would also live in a pink mansion and drive a pink barbie jeep.

Don’t you miss being a kid sometimes? Not having a care in the world. You could have fun and not care about other’s opinions. Just live your life and follow your little dreams.

But, once you get older every thing changes. You’re constantly hearing different opinions about the life choices that you’re making.

One big mistake that a person can make is listening to others instead of themselves. Especially the debbie downers and negative nancies. We all know a few of theses people. Stay away from these people they only want to see you fail.

I know tons of friends who have made this mistake. I have even made this mistake. You care so much about others opinions that you place your dreams on the back burner. Which makes you begin to second guess your self.

Did I attend the right college? Should I have went to college? Can I pursue a career in makeup, dance or art? Or should I listen to everyone and become a nurse, doctor or teacher?

It’s great hearing others opinions but you should be the deciding factor for what happens in your life. Follow your heart.

You can’t live your life on the opinions of the people around you. You will never be happy.

Follow your goals and dreams. Only you know what it takes to make you happy.

Your happiness is a priority.

To my readers,

Continue to do what makes YOU happy. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!

The people who are doubting your capabilities now will be admiring you in the future.

Never stop believing.

Never stop reaching for the stars.

Never stop pursuing your dreams.

Always remember when people say you will never live your dreams….tell them “Never say never because I BELIEVE IN ME 😊”



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