I’m a strong woman but, why am I not like that when it comes to my relationships?

Women are beautiful, emotional and unique individuals. We are nurses, teachers, and therapist’s for our families. We love with everything in us, take care of everyone and keep families together. As women we are taught to be strong, assertive and independent. To build foundations with the bricks that are thrown our way.

So, why was I not like that when it came to my relationships?

I’m a boss when it comes to my job. I can stand up, take charge and tackle any situation thrown my way. I’m a leader when it comes to raising my children.

Why wasn’t I this strong woman when it came to my relationships? Why were my relationships all falling a part?

I allowed my relationships to take over my life. I placed myself on the back burner.

But not anymore !!

Never be ashamed to be a Boss in your relationships. Just like you tackle life, children and your job have the same mindset in your relationships. Be the strong woman you are and don’t settle for less or tolerate disrespect.

I no longer give my all to someone who doesn’t invest into the relationship. I no longer need a man to “complete” me because God already completes me. I am no longer the passenger. I’m taking charge of my happiness. I’m being the boss lady.

God did not create us to be abused, mistreated and unappreciated. We deserve to be treated like queens.





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