The Different Types of Friends…

Friends are special and unique.We have different friends for different reasons.  Check out this list and see if you have any in your cliques.

The Best Friend: This is the friend That you go to for anything. The friend that doesn’t judge you. They know your deepest darkest secrets.

The Advice Giver: The one you call when you need the truth in the form of guidance. They’re your personal therapist.

The Loyal Friend: They will never leave your side. You can trust and depend on them.

The Blunt Friend: Whenever you need the truth this is who you talk.

Comedic Friend: The friend that has a joke for everything. When your with this friend the laughs will never end.

The Greedy Friend: Can hear a food wrapper miles away. This friend is always eating. Don’t have food around them because they will ask for some. Even though they already have some of their own.

The Lazy Friend: You make plans with this friend and when the day comes they cancel because they are “tired”. When really they just want to stay in bed and watch movies all day. It’s like pulling teeth to get them to go out.

The Busy Friend: They’re always at work. Doesn’t really have time to go out often. You don’t talk to this friend everyday. But, when you do it’s like you have.

The Life of the party: This friend loves the spotlight to be on them. They party almost everyday of the week. With this friend you’re going to have a wild night.

The Alcoholic: Always want to drink. You have to hide your liquor stash from them because in the blink of an eye it will be gone.

The Complaining Friend: Complains about EVERYTHING. A day doesn’t go by that they don’t find something to complain about.

The Supportive Friend: Supports everything that you want to do. Even when you make the wrong decisions they will still be there.

The Gossip: Forget the news this friend knows all the latest news. If it’s gossip that you want this is the friend you call.

The Picture Taking Friends: Obsessed with selfies. When you’re around this friend make sure you look nice, because you’re going to be on social media.

The Sensitive/ Emotional Friend: You have to watch what you say around them. Often times they believe that your jokes are taken too far. Be cautious with this friend because anything can trigger them.

The Weird Friend: This friend is always doing something out of the norm. They are the oddball but that’s what you love about them.

The Pretty/Handsome Friend: Gets all of the attention. Before the night ends they will have many numbers in their pocket.


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