How To Get Over Your Breakup

We have all had our hearts broken atleast once in our lifetime. Here is a list of things that has helped me to get over my breakups. I hope that it helps you.

1. Cut off any communication. Unfriend them on social media, delete their number and cut all ties with them.

2. Get rid of anything that reminds you of them. Let go of the pictures, gifts and messages that you have shared. You will only keep thinking about the memories.

3. Don’t hold in the hurt. Talk to someone. Vent to someone that you trust.

4. If you don’t have anyone to vent to. Write it out. 

5. Stay busy. When your busy you don’t have time to think about him/her.

6. Cry. It’s okay to cry. Let the pain go.

7. Move on. Don’t be stuck on someone who has already moved on. He/she is living their life so you should do the same.

8. Quit expecting closure. There is a huge possibility that it will never happen. Let it go.

9. Do not jump into another relationship. Take the time to heal. Getting into another relationship early will only hurt you.

10. Time. It takes time to get over someone you once loved. May take years, months or days. Just know that everything will get better. The person that is meant for you will come soon. You just have to be patient and work on yourself. God will bring him/her your way when YOU are ready for the relationship.


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